Our Mission: To Provide Easy-to-Understand, Interactive Financial Literacy to Everyone

FinancialFit was created by educational and financial experts with over eighty years of combined experience helping people with diverse financial goals navigate complex topics. We’ve tackled personal finance to guide you on your way to financial understanding and freedom.

Our Mission Is to Provide a Financial Education for Everyone


We believe EVERYONE should be able to achieve financial health, no matter their current financial situation. We demystify financial fitness.


Our financial education will give you the knowledge you need to empower your financial decision-making and improve your personal finances.


We know the financial landscape can be confusing and complicated. With digestible knowledge, we’ll build up your financial confidence.

We’re Established Experts in Education

We’ve been around since 1944 as EBSCO, helping students at 95% of academic institutions across the United States. We’ve expanded our focus on education to include financial literacy.

FinancialFit was born of the idea that financial wellness should be tailored to you, with accessible access to accurate financial knowledge at your fingertips. As a leading provider of academic information, we know the value and the impact that education can have on someone’s life. We want to help you achieve financial wellness with targeted learning, activities, and checklists to inform every aspect of your financial growth.