The gift of financial know-how The gift of financial know-how

The gift of financial know-how

The FinancialFit app sets them up for financial responsibility.

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Everything you wish you knew at their age about personal finance

Financial Firsts

  • 160+ personal finance lessons
  • 700+ glossary terms
  • Credit, debt, work life, and more!

Budgeting 101

  • Interactive checklists and planners
  • For them and their partners
  • For their current and future goals

Financial Independence

  • Complex topics demystified
  • Personalized to their needs
  • Freedom for them ... and you!
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FinancialFit App eGift Card

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A FinancialFit App eGift Card is an ideal gift for family members and loved ones:

  • Gift card can be used to purchase a year-long subscription to FinancialFit platform/app
  • Over 160+ lessons, videos, and interactive practice quizzes
  • Glossary with 700+ financial terms demystified into simple language 
  • Short lessons lasting only 1-5 minutes make complicated topics easy to understand and retain 
  • Regularly updated materials to keep each lesson relevant and up-to-date
  • Personalized recommendations of lessons for their exact needs in life right now and in the future

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      The Reviews Are In!

      My family didn’t have a lot of budgeting experience, so when it was time for me to start thinking about making big purchases, they gifted me FinancialFit. Recently, I bought a car, and I felt so confident because I already knew about leasing vs. buying, ways to pay for it, car insurance, and hidden costs.

      Abby M.

      My parents bought me FinancialFit as a graduation gift, and I’ve used it every day since! It’s easy to use and makes me feel like my budgeting, and savings goals are possible!”

      Rick R.

      I'll never be able to thank my parents enough for FinancialFit! I wanted to start focusing on saving money, even though I’m still managing debt. I didn’t think it was possible until I learned new information about debt consolidation and tips for creating a budget. Now I’ve officially started saving without changing my way of life!

      Tom N.

      This is the perfect gift for anyone to ramp up their financial knowledge. FinancialFit answered all of my questions about my credit score. It was a little on the lower side, and I learned why and how to build it back up through FinancialFit’s easy-to-use microlessons! I feel like it’s possible now that I have the information.

      Rebecca T.

      My husband and I got FinancialFit for our daughter, who just had her first child. We knew from experience that starting a family can drastically change your financial situation. She absolutely loves it and says that the short, interactive lessons make it easy to use even when she’s running around. Thanks, FinancialFit!

      Mary A.

      Built by industry experts with experience across the nation's top firms, universities, and businesses, including:

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      What They'll Learn

      Managing Debt
      Building Credit
      Getting a Car
      Paying for Higher Education
      Marriage and Partnership
      Setting up a Joint Household
      Living with Roommates
      To Rent or Buy?
      Managing Credit Cards
      Choosing a Credit Card
      All About Mortgages
      Monthly Budgeting
      Buying a Home
      Setting Up Bank Accounts
      Budgeting to Buy a Home
      Starting Work Life
      Renting a Home
      Planning for Major Purchases

      Gifting FinancialFit

      Why does FinancialFit make a great gift?

      The greatest gift anyone can give is something money can't buy: knowledge. At FinancialFit, we believe that knowledge about personal finances is power, and a gift that keeps on giving throughout life. Set them up for success with a gift they'll never be able to repay you for :).

      How do gift cards work?

      The recipient will be sent an email with their e-gift card on the day and time you selected to send. From there, the giftee will need to redeem their gift card, create an account, and start learning!

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