Choosing a Credit Card

Lessons Covered

  • Types of Credit Cards
  • Credit Card Benefits
  • Choosing the Best Credit Card for You
  • Evaluating Financial Offers (Credit Cards) 

How to Choose a Credit Card

When you begin applying for credit cards, you'll quickly discover that there are many different options to choose from. Each card comes with its own unique interest rate policies, perks and rewards programs, and credit score requirements. At FinancialFit, we offer lessons, tips, and even educational games to teach you how to make the right choice when picking a credit card.

Comparing Credit Cards

There are several different credit card categories that you might come across in your research, including:

  • Rewards Cards
  • Store Credit Cards
  • Cash-back Credit Cards
  • 0% Intro APR Cards
  • Balance Transfer Credit Cards
  • Secured Credit Cards

Other options like travel, business, and student cards are available as well. So, how do you know what credit card to get? Our lessons provide information on various types of credit cards so you can narrow your search and select one that best suits your financial needs and goals. We also help you understand how your FICO score affects your options when choosing a credit card.

Benefits of a Credit Card

Whether you're looking to build your credit history from scratch or earn redeemable points and free travel miles, FinancialFit can help you learn the lingo and choose a card with the perfect perks. Once you decide on the right card, you can check out our tips for setting a credit limit, improving your current credit score, and getting the best interest rates to make payments more manageable.