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Borrowing Money

Debt can be a charged topic—and a source of anxiety. How much debt is too much? If you're feeling ready to tackle it, what are your options? Is there any such thing as good debt? If you have questions about debt, you’ll find the answers here. 

Renting A Home

Lesson 1: How Much Rent Can I Afford?
Lesson 2: Saving for a Rental
Lesson 3: Renters Insurance

Lesson 4: Renting a Home

Getting a Car

Lesson 1: To Lease or to Buy?
Lesson 2: To Buy a New or Used Car?
Lesson 3: Paying For Your Car
Lesson 4: Car Insurance

Lesson 5: Selling Your Car

Planning For Major Purchases

Lesson 1: Budgeting to Save for a Big Purchase
Lesson 2: Monthly Budgeting
Lesson 3: Updating Your Budget
Lesson 4: Budgeting Your Money to Your Pay Period
Lesson 5: Managing Your Money Through Multiple Bank Accounts

All About Mortgages

Lesson 1: How Do Mortgages Work?
Lesson 2: Mortgage Types
Lesson 3: Getting A Mortgage
Lesson 4: First-Time Home-Buyer Perks
Lesson 5: What Is Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)?

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Building Credit

You probably know that having good credit is a good thing. But why? And how?

Having good credit can help you out with lots of things. Want to buy a new car and finance it? Good credit will get you a good deal! Interested in a credit card with a low interest rate and lots of perks? If you’ve got good credit, you’re in good shape. Ready to buy a house and apply for a (gulp) mortgage? Having good credit will make your life much easier. But where to start? The answer is here.

All About Credit

Lesson 1: What Is Credit?
Lesson 2: How Do Credit Scores Work?
Lesson 3: Why You Need Good Credit

Lesson 4: Buy Now, Pay Later

Choosing a Credit Card

Lesson 1: Credit Card Benefits
Lesson 2: Credit Card Types

Lesson 3: Evaluating Credit Card Offers

Managing Credit Cards

Lesson 1: Credit Card Basics

Lesson 2: Credit Card Interest Rates
Lesson 3: Carrying a Balance
Lesson 4: How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Managing Debt

Lesson 1: What Is Debt?
Lesson 2: When Is Debt a Good Thing?
Lesson 3: What Is Debt Consolidation?
Lesson 4: Types of Student Loans

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Budgeting Basics

Budgeting is the backbone of your FinancialFit journey. Once you have a great budgeting system and the know-how to make adjustments, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your financial goals. 

Monthly Budgeting

Lesson 1: What Does Cost of Living Mean?
Lesson 2: Updating Your Budget?
Lesson 3: Budgeting With Auto Payments
Lesson 4: Budgeting For Emergencies

Budgeting To Buy a Home

Lesson 1: Figuring Out a Home Purchase Budget

Lesson 2: How Do Down Payments Work?
Lesson 3: Saving For a Down Payment

Lesson 4: How Do Mortgages Work?

To Rent Or To Buy?

Lesson 1: To Rent or to Buy?

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Budgeting For Couples

You’ve found someone who thinks it’s cute when you sing in the shower and who shares your love of true-crime documentaries. That’s great! Do they also share your less-interesting-but-arguably-more-important budgeting priorities and financial goals?

Setting Up a Joint Household

Lesson 1: Budgeting With a Partner
Lesson 2: Budgeting When Your Salaries Are Unequal
Lesson 3: Financial Impact of Marriage

Lesson 4: Budgeting for Emergencies

Family Finances: Marriage & Partnership

Lesson 1: Financial Impact of Marriage
Lesson 2: Budgeting With a Partner
Lesson 3: Budgeting When Your Salaries are Unequal

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FinancialFit is an interactive financial learning platform. Designed by experts in the industry to teach you everything you need to know about managing your finances, FinancialFit offers short, easy-to-understand lessons, videos, and financial planning tools. Our personalized lesson recommendations make understanding your financial needs, goals, and woes easier than ever before.

  • Over 100+ lessons, videos, interactive games, and financial planning tools
  • Short lessons designed around characters going through the same life moments as you, lasting only 15 minutes, make complicated topics easy to understand and retain 
  • Personalized recommendation of lessons helps you learn what’s most important to you
  • A seven-day money back guarantee makes it easy to buy and try
  • A glossary provides 650+ financial definitions in easy-to-understand language
  • Compatible with Mac, PC, iOS, and Android
  • ADA 508 compliant
  • 100% money-back satisfaction

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    United States United States

    So Helpful!

    I started using FF to help me understand how to budget a bit better, but I didn't realize how great it would be for so many other areas of my personal finance. I love the glossary with definitions - really helps demystify the complex language that is commonly used. I will be a user for a long time!

    Cinthia C.
    United States United States

    Financial Fit

    I liked how for the main sections there was sub-sections. All the information was very useful. Perhaps, using more examples would be nice.

    Pamela M.
    United States United States

    so useful!

    it was exceptional and provided such useful information. couldn’t recommend it more!

    United States United States


    It was amazing to see the different financial steps I could take when it comes to buying thing for my family in the future. Also helped me understand financial problems that may occur.

    Deborah C.
    United States United States

    Easy and helpful!

    I loved the lessons they we engaging and easy to understand. I feel like I have a better understanding of my financial life and goals now and would recommend others

    Leon S.
    United States United States

    Easy and fun

    It was great. I learned a lot and it made it easy for me to learn from

    Gloria A.
    United States United States

    Great Concept

    I like the idea overall, I do feel it needs to be tweaked a bit more, but the over all concept is great!

    Jessica H.
    United States United States

    Finances made simple

    I consider myself to decently financially literate, but this program really helped me fill in my knowledge gaps. I’m only a few years out of college, so having things like home ownership and building credit explained in very simple terms feels incredibly useful for this life stage I’m in.

    United States United States

    Teachers take note

    Financial Fit does a great job of breaking down complex financial topics into understandable ideas. I learned a lot about choosing and managing credit cards that I would have probably never known otherwise, and I know now how important it is to understand how they work in order to avoid additional fees. I wish that I had had lessons like these in school! The four star rating is because I think the web and graphic design on the lesson plans could use some revamping to be more user friendly - but the lesson content makes up for it and makes it a service I would highly recommend!

    United States United States

    Schools take note

    Financial Fit does a great job of breaking down complex financial topics into understandable ideas. I learned a lot about choosing and managing credit cards that I would have probably never known otherwise, and I know now how important it is to understand how they work in order to avoid additional fees. I wish that I had had lessons like these in school! The four star rating is because I think the web and graphic design on the lesson plans could use some revamping to be more user friendly - but the lesson content makes up for it and makes it a service I would highly recommend!

    United States United States

    Great advice for someone on the go!

    I found FinancialFit to be a great tool for deepening my financial literacy. As someone with a strong interest in expanding knowledge in this area, but very little free time, the bite-sized lessons were great! Complicated concepts were boiled down without becoming tedious and the examples and quizzes helped reinforce what I was learning. I feel like I have a good idea about which questions I should be asking and which actions I should be taking when I begin trying to tackle debt in various areas.

    United States United States

    Financial Learning at my own pace

    Being a busy person this tool was a great way to learn when I had the time. The modules were quick and informative!

    Michael F.
    United States United States

    Vital knowledge easily organized for learning

    While I have some knowledge about personal finance, I found the information in FinancialFit was very helpful for me to get a solid handle on how I can better work and plan towards financial goals. The organization of the content and how it was sized helped me to go at my own pace, retain the information, and not make it a big high-pressure activity. Finances can be stressful, but I think FinancialFit is useful for me so I can be more proactive in approaching money in a smarter way. It felt like it broke down what can be intimidating topics into smaller concepts that I feel more motivated to work on as I decide how to better use my resources, credit, and income.

    United States United States

    Great for Financial Literacy

    I used FF to gain a better understanding of how credit works and methods to improve it. I really appreciated the examples and knowledge checks to ensure I was understanding the content and could apply it to my personal situation. The lessons were very informative and digestible! A great place for someone to start the process of becoming more financially literate.

    United States United States

    The Perfect Program for Financial Tips

    FinancialFit is a great platform to help people of any age gain more information on any financially related situation. It helped me broaden my knowledge on financials in my everyday life as well as for my future. I highly recommend this to anyone who feels as if they may need more financial help or simply just want more information on certain topics.

    United States United States

    Wish I Had This in High School!

    From leasing a car to monthly budgeting to living with a roommate, Financial Fit taught me more in the past two weeks than I've known my whole life! The lessons are quick, engaging, and super informative. Truly wish I knew about this when I was younger. Also, love how you take a quiz in the beginning, so that you're lessons are personalized to what YOU want to learn!

    United States United States

    Great way to bolster financial literacy

    As someone who has really struggled to feel confident and informed about my personal finances and planning, I really appreciate the way FinancialFit demystifies terms AND processes in a low-stress way. It can be tough to get a handle on some of these topics, like investing or buying a house. It's really intimidating! FinancialFit brings a lot of great information together so you can get started and maintain momentum. Honestly, I wish I'd had this about a decade ago. But better late than never...

    United States United States

    I gave my kids who just graduated college this as a gift - it is teaching them all the things that I didn't teach them and that they didn't learn in school!


    Aaron B.
    United States United States

    Learned So Much!

    Since I recently graduated college, these concepts are pretty new to me (building credit, budgeting, finding the right credit card, and so on). Financial Fit showed me how to think about my finances and answered questions I didn't even know to ask! When I Google financial advice, I feel like every result is another company trying to sell me something. Financial Fit feels much more neutral, like they actually want you to understand the lesson without some greater motive. Overall, great product. I'd especially recommend this for anyone who's just started working, like me!

    United States United States

    Very informative!

    Although I haven’t gotten though all the lessons yet, I’ve already learned a lot from the few lessons I have taken. They helped break everything down that seemed so daunting to learn. I definitely plan on finishing this course!