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FinancialFit is a customized learning experience

Personalized Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are uniquely tailored to your your skills, interests, and financial situation for a truly customized learning experience.

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100+ Lessons and Videos

The mobile-friendly, interactive lessons cover dozens of topics and are designed to be easily digestible at just two to five minutes each. New content is added on an ongoing basis!

FinancialFit teaches practical skills

Put Your New Skills to Use

Learning games, worksheets, checklists, a glossary of 650+ defined terms, plus other materials are designed to help apply what you learn.

Financial Information You Can Trust

Instead of taking advice from strangers on the internet, learn from real professionals. All of our lessons are authored by experts, making this your go-to source for financial literacy.

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Customized To Fit Your Unique Situation

We know that everyone’s situation is different, so we provide you with a custom lesson plan that focuses on the topics you care about the most.

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Complex Topics, Simplified

You don’t need to have a finance degree to understand our content. Everything is taught with simple, down-to-earth language, making it easy for you to learn.

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Examples That You Can Relate To

All of our lessons are based on people going through the similar life challenges that you face. You’ll get practical principles to use immediately in your own life.

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Give the Gift of Financial Wellness

Perfect for that family member or friend that just graduated college, got a new job, is living on their own, is getting married, is looking to buy a car or house, or could otherwise benefit from financial fitness lessons! FinancialFit will teach them everything you wish you knew about personal finance at that stage of life. FinancialFit is a gift that will empower them to take control of their financial future and give them the tools they need to hit their financial goals.

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Popular Lesson Topics

Whether you are starting your first job or buying your first home, our lessons cover every “first” in your life.

Budgeting & Planning

Everything you need to become an expert at tracking your money. Planning to make a big purchase in the coming months? We’ll go over exactly how you go about saving money for that as well as emergency expenses you don’t expect. Becoming financially fit just takes a little planning.

Understanding Credit

Cut through all of the noise with our unbiased guide to credit and debt. Credit and debt can be awesome financial tools if used properly. We’ll give you the basics you need to understand credit cards and debunk some common misconceptions about what it takes to build credit.

Home Ownership

This comprehensive module will show you how to decide whether renting or buying a home is best for you. Buying a house is a complex process and you need to stay sharp to make sure you’ve got your finances covered before you decide to buy a home.


Insurance is a tricky topic. What does it cover? How much does it cover? In our modules on Insurance, we’ll go through everything you need to know about Renter’s insurance, Car insurance, and Homeowners insurance so you can best prepare for the unexpected.

Paying for Higher Education

It’s no secret that higher education has a positive impact on your financial future, but it comes at a price. In this section, we’ll cover all the different types of scholarships you can use to pay for school, how you can calculate the true costs of higher education, and even some tips about student loans.

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95% of Americans 95% of Americans

95% of Americans

don't have enough in their savings account to cover a $400 emergency – we're here to help change that statistic

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If you order our product and do not love it for any reason, simply email us for a full refund within 7 days of purchase.