Marriage & Partnership

Lessons Covered

  • Financial Impact of Marriage
  • Budgeting with a Partner
  • Budgeting When Your Salaries Are Unequal

Marriage and Finances

Getting married affects your money management needs in several different ways. You and your spouse will have to reexamine your financial situations to determine the best ways to share everyday household expenses, account for changes to your taxpayer statuses, and decide which of you can afford to add the other to their health, auto, and life insurance policies.

These are just some of the details you and your partner will need to address if you want to successfully manage money in your marriage. At FinancialFit, we offer money management tips and educational lessons that teach you how to budget with a partner so you can have a better chance at financial happiness.

Money Management for Married Couples

You and your partner each have your own financial histories, goals, and spending habits that you must discuss before tying the knot. Learning how to manage your money together lets you establish efficient methods for paying off debts, creating new goals for a successful financial future, and even saving for larger purchases like new cars or a bigger house for your growing family.

Our lessons can help you learn how to manage finances in a marriage so you and your spouse can create a budget that works for the both of you. We also give you information on the following topics to help you understand and plan for some of the financial impacts of marriage:

  • Financial Benefits to Getting Married
  • Forming a Budget Based on Unequal Salaries
  • Making Joint Purchases
  • Deciding Whether to Combine Accounts or Keep Finances Separate

Marriage and Your Budget

Whether you're getting married for the first time or remarrying, a budget is an essential tool for helping you and your partner manage money individually and as a couple. Sign up with FinancialFit to discover helpful budgeting tips that can teach you about sharing financial responsibilities in your marriage.