Planning for Major Purchases

Lessons Covered

  • Budgeting to Save for a Big Purchase
  • Monthly Budgeting Overview
  • Monthly Budgeting (Game)
  • Managing Your Money through Multiple Bank Account Types
  • Budgeting Your Money to Your Pay Period
  • Updating Your Budget Overview

Saving for a Big Purchase

Whether you're buying a new wardrobe, the latest video gaming console, or your first home, major purchases require extra planning. Paying for these expensive items at the wrong time can set you back financially. Luckily, FinancialFit can give you practical tips on saving money over time for a large purchase so you can afford any hardship while sticking to your budget.

Preparing a Budget

Saving money is essential when preparing to buy something pricey, and budgeting for large purchases makes it easier to avoid overspending. With FinancialFit, you can learn how to break down the cost of these items and fit them in with your other monthly expenses. Our financial lessons can also help you understand how to:

  • Plan around Your Pay Schedule
  • Allocate Funds to Large Purchases
  • Manage Money through Different Bank Account Types
  • Prioritize Multiple Pricey Items at the Same Time

Planning to Save and Spend

Sometimes, things like household bills, debt, credit card payments, and emergency expenses can get in the way when you're trying to plan for large purchases. Our learning modules deliver comprehensive educational content, games, and money management suggestions that can help you save up to spend big.