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Borrowing Money

Debt can be a charged topic—and a source of anxiety. How much debt is too much? If you're feeling ready to tackle it, what are your options? Is there any such thing as good debt? If you have questions about debt, you’ll find the answers here. 

Renting A Home

Lesson 1: How Much Rent Can I Afford?
Lesson 2: Saving for a Rental
Lesson 3: Renters Insurance

Lesson 4: Renting a Home

Getting a Car

Lesson 1: To Lease or to Buy?
Lesson 2: To Buy a New or Used Car?
Lesson 3: Paying For Your Car
Lesson 4: Car Insurance

Lesson 5: Selling Your Car

Planning For Major Purchases

Lesson 1: Budgeting to Save for a Big Purchase
Lesson 2: Monthly Budgeting
Lesson 3: Updating Your Budget
Lesson 4: Budgeting Your Money to Your Pay Period
Lesson 5: Managing Your Money Through Multiple Bank Accounts

All About Mortgages

Lesson 1: How Do Mortgages Work?
Lesson 2: Mortgage Types
Lesson 3: Getting A Mortgage
Lesson 4: First-Time Home-Buyer Perks
Lesson 5: What Is Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)?

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Building Credit

You probably know that having good credit is a good thing. But why? And how?

Having good credit can help you out with lots of things. Want to buy a new car and finance it? Good credit will get you a good deal! Interested in a credit card with a low interest rate and lots of perks? If you’ve got good credit, you’re in good shape. Ready to buy a house and apply for a (gulp) mortgage? Having good credit will make your life much easier. But where to start? The answer is here.

All About Credit

Lesson 1: What Is Credit?
Lesson 2: How Do Credit Scores Work?
Lesson 3: Why You Need Good Credit

Lesson 4: Buy Now, Pay Later

Choosing a Credit Card

Lesson 1: Credit Card Benefits
Lesson 2: Credit Card Types

Lesson 3: Evaluating Credit Card Offers

Managing Credit Cards

Lesson 1: Credit Card Basics

Lesson 2: Credit Card Interest Rates
Lesson 3: Carrying a Balance
Lesson 4: How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Managing Debt

Lesson 1: What Is Debt?
Lesson 2: When Is Debt a Good Thing?
Lesson 3: What Is Debt Consolidation?
Lesson 4: Types of Student Loans

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Budgeting Basics

Budgeting is the backbone of your FinancialFit journey. Once you have a great budgeting system and the know-how to make adjustments, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your financial goals. 

Monthly Budgeting

Lesson 1: What Does Cost of Living Mean?
Lesson 2: Updating Your Budget?
Lesson 3: Budgeting With Auto Payments
Lesson 4: Budgeting For Emergencies

Budgeting To Buy a Home

Lesson 1: Figuring Out a Home Purchase Budget

Lesson 2: How Do Down Payments Work?
Lesson 3: Saving For a Down Payment

Lesson 4: How Do Mortgages Work?

To Rent Or To Buy?

Lesson 1: To Rent or to Buy?

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Budgeting For Couples

You’ve found someone who thinks it’s cute when you sing in the shower and who shares your love of true-crime documentaries. That’s great! Do they also share your less-interesting-but-arguably-more-important budgeting priorities and financial goals?

Setting Up a Joint Household

Lesson 1: Budgeting With a Partner
Lesson 2: Budgeting When Your Salaries Are Unequal
Lesson 3: Financial Impact of Marriage

Lesson 4: Budgeting for Emergencies

Family Finances: Marriage & Partnership

Lesson 1: Financial Impact of Marriage
Lesson 2: Budgeting With a Partner
Lesson 3: Budgeting When Your Salaries are Unequal

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