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FinancialFit is an interactive financial learning platform. Designed by experts in the industry to teach you everything you need to know about managing your finances, FinancialFit offers short, easy-to-understand lessons, videos, and financial planning tools. Our personalized lesson recommendations make understanding your financial needs, goals, and woes easier than ever before.

  • Over 100+ lessons, videos, interactive games, and financial planning tools
  • Short lessons designed around characters going through the same life moments as you, lasting only 15 minutes, make complicated topics easy to understand and retain 
  • Personalized recommendation of lessons helps you learn what’s most important to you
  • A seven-day money back guarantee makes it easy to buy and try
  • A glossary provides 650+ financial definitions in easy-to-understand language
  • Compatible with Mac, PC, iOS, and Android
  • ADA 508 compliant
  • 100% money-back satisfaction

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    There’s never too little money to get started, and it’s never too late to begin...

    Reduce Your Debt

    Learn to assess your current financial situation, develop financial goals, establish and implement a sound financial plan, and more.

    Avoid Pitfalls

    Our lessons cover a diverse set of complex situations in life, arming you with the knowledge to work through them confidently and financially stronger.

    Realize Your Dreams

    With timelines, planners, and checklists, there's a path for everyone to achieve their goals in life.

    We've Got You Covered

    Building Credit
    All About Mortgages
    To Rent or Buy?
    Paying for Higher Education
    Monthly Budgeting
    Budgeting to Buy a Home
    Managing Credit Cards
    Buying a Home
    Getting a Car
    Choosing a Credit Card
    Starting Work Life
    Managing Debt
    Setting Up Bank Accounts
    Renting a Home
    Marriage and Partnership
    Living with Roommates
    Planning for Major Purchases
    Setting Up a Joint Household

    Can't I just Google this?

    Choosing FinancialFit over free information and blogs sets you up for success!

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    Perfect for that family member or friend that just graduated college, got a new job, is living on their own, is getting married, is looking to buy a car or house, and more! FinancialFit will teach them everything you wish you knew about personal finance at that stage of life. FinancialFit is a gift will empower them to take control of their financial future and give them the tools they need to hit their financial goals.

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    FinancialFit offers a 7-day money back guarantee

    Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee

    If you order our product and do not love it for any reason, simply email us for a full refund within 7 days of purchase.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is FinancialFit?

    FinancialFit is the premier option for on-the-go, user-friendly Financial Education. We’re not a course that assumes every situation is the same. FinancialFit offers educational opportunities for all your financial firsts. Whether you’re just starting to save, have questions about retirement, are buying your first home, or are planning to start a family, our interactive educational activities, developed by education experts, answer all your questions.

    Who is FinancialFit for?

    FinancialFit was designed to educate individuals on the basics of personal finance no matter what stage of life your in. Whether you just graduated college, are saving for your first home, or planning to start a family soon, FinancialFit can arm you with something money can't buy: knowledge.

    Do I only have access to a certain area of the site?

    When you purchase a monthly or annual membership to FinancialFit, you'll have unlimited access to our growing library of lessons, games, quizzes, and more!

    What topics are covered?

    We cover a wide variety of topics, from buying a home to strategies to chose the right credit card. See above for our full list of lessons and topics!

    Will there be more lessons added?

    Yes! Our library of topics and financial education resources is constantly growing.

    Does FinancialFit hook up to my bank account?

    No, FinancialFit does not hook up to your bank account.

    Is FinancialFit trying to sell me financial services?

    No, our platform exists to give you the knowledge you need to empower your financial decision-making. We are not trying to sell you financial advisors, investment strategies, etc.

    Want to know anything else?

    For more FAQ - check out our help page here.